Utility Testimonials 

Best conference hands down with the most interactive experience with vendors. The best learning experience I have ever been too.

- Jill Shelton, City for Bandera

"Great format with each vendor and their 25 minutes. It was just enough time for them to hit the highlights of what they have to offer but not to long so it drags out."

- Ben Sigloh, City of Redmond

"It was a great opportunity to not only learn of the latest technologies but also discuss the status of project with other utility attend"

-Matt McLaughlin, Independence MO Water

"It was great to get a quick snapshot of what technologies are available today without sitting with a vendor for 1.5 hours each to do a demo. It was even greater to use those snapshots to understand how other utilities are using the technology."

-Melissa Grove, Aurora Water

"The presentations, vendors, and the information they provided was great. The information and networking from the conference will help assist our office in making changes to our aging infrastructure and protect our communities."

-Ethan Schuth, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

"What a great opportunity to learn of the new technologies and products that are available to the water and wastewater industries... without the pressure of an overzealous salesman."

-Scott Taylor, City of St. George

"This summit enables attendees to gain exposure to many industry experts and vendors in a single forum. Attendees have the opportunity to become acquainted with various technologies or products at a high level or dig into the nitty-gritty details in areas that peak the utilities interests."

-Raymond Hoppenworth, City of Lakeland - Water Utilities

"Learning of and about new products and products to look for helps us to become a forward thinking and smarter utility, this is what the Smart Water Summit offers."

- James Munster, Fayette County Water System

Vendor Testimonials 

“We attend 30-40 conferences as a company every year. I cannot name any other conference where we have the opportunity to present in front of 30 Executives from a utility at any other conference."

— Brett Ruoti, Regional Sales Manager, Cityworks

“This year’s event was by far the best water summit SEDC has participated in! The quality of the attendees and leads generated were very good."

— Troy Schake, Chief Business Development Officer, SEDC

“We really enjoyed doing presentations this summit. Our second boardroom presentation resulted in over 50% interest, which we are now following up on. The location was great, and the food was wonderful, making the experience even better." 

— Josh Oman, CEO, Water Utility Tech

“The venue was fantastic. Everyone followed the daily agendas. The private boardroom sessions were an intimate setting for vendors to talk to participants." 

— Wade Malone, Orion Business innovations, Director of Sales

“I was able to engage in valuable business discussions with current customers and prospects, as well as introduced to a couple new contacts I have not met before."

— Griff Machinski, Account Development Manager, Sensus

"This was one first time participating in a smart utility event. My overall experience was extraordinary. I met some great utility organizations had great conversations and even made some new friendships." 

— Johnny Bofilios, Director of Business Development, Copperleaf Technologies

“It was a very unique environment, like no other conference in the industry. Buyers and sellers were in attendance to exchange offerings with interests. No hidden agendas just candid discussions.”

— Mitch Copman, LLC President/CEO, SEMS Technologies

“The format provided by SWS gave Capstone a higher quality opportunity to meet with decision makers within the utility industry than any other conference that we currently participate in.”

— Scott Williamson, CEO, Capstone Metering