Utility FAQ 

The Summit's invitation-only list is comprised of 100+ Utility Professionals from Municipal/Rural Electric Distribution/Investor Owned Utilities and Water Utilities from across North America.

Utility decision-makers are considered for one of the Summit's exclusive seats based on several criteria:

  • Customer base
  • Market influence
  • Breadth of service

You are expected to attend ALL Agenda functions including:

  • Private Boardroom Appointments
  • Solutions/Product Showcase
  • Meals
  • Seminars
  • Panels and Social/Networking functions
  • Complete of survey materials

We encourage you to participate in discussions and to provide feedback to Vendors and peers.

Presentations and Keynotes at the Summits vary as technologies/ regulations advance over time, but the technologies and products discussed the most are as listed below:


  • AMI

  • AMR

  • Billing/CIS

  • Network Mapping

  • Management Systems

  • Smart Cities

  • Directional Flushing

  • Work Management Systems

  • Networking

  • GIS

  • Enterprise Asset Management Systems

  • App/Mobile Customer Payment Systems

  • Leak Detection

  • Stormwater Management

  • Asset Inspections & Maintenance

  • Fiber Optic

  • Distributions Systems Rehabilitation

  • Backflow Alarms/Notifications

  • Aeration

  • Underground Construction Technologies

  • Pipe Blockage Tools & Equipment

  • Remote Shutoff Meters

  • Reclaimed Water technology

  • Safety

  • Pressure Zone Metering

  • Radios

  • Sensors

  • Blockchain

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cyber/Physical Security

  • Drones

  • Content Management Systems

The Summit's exclusive, invitation-only, list of Utility Executives is comprised of 100 - 110+ C-level Utility Executives of Municipal/Rural Electric Distribution/ Investor Owned Utilities and Water Utilities from across the United States. Utility Executives are considered for one of the 100+ "VIP Utility Attendee Badges" based on several criteria:  customer base, market influence and breadth of service to name a few. The final guest list consists of Utility Executives who are leaders in their respective regions and markets who seek progressive, forward thinking solutions.

Our Utility Attendees attend at OUR expense. A private grant will pay for your transportation, luxury resort accommodations and meals!

Each Utility Attendee will receive a personalized schedule detailing business and networking activities throughout each day/evening with regular breaks to allow you to connect with your office and check emails. Summit Private Boardroom Appointments, Executive Premiers, the Solution Showcase and Keynote Presentations all provide the focus and the face time with Industry Leaders you can't tap into during your busy daily routine.

There are three main ways to connect with Vendors:

1. Boardroom Presentations

You will participate in intimate Boardroom Vendor Presentations, with 10 to 12 of your peers, allowing you to meet and speak with Senior Executives of the leading Vendors of technologies, services and solutions. The Boardroom Presentations are aimed at creating Industry relationships and partnerships which strengthen your Utilities understanding and knowledge of the latest technology and product breakthroughs. 

2. Summit Solution Showcase/Executive Premier Presentations

The Summit Solution Showcase enables productive, one-on-one meetings ideal for evaluating new technologies and conducting in-depth discussions.  Executive Premier Presentations are interactive forums where analysts, editors and other Industry experts present the latest technology trends, market conditions and strategies designed to further enhance your knowledge regarding Utility Modernization, as well as addressing specific issues facing the Industry today.

3. Networking Events

A dynamic series of social and networking activities are designed to solidify new business relationships and give you the forum you need for productive conversations. 

At a Summit, you have the opportunity to meet with 45- 65+ Industry Leading Vendors in less than 3 days! You will have access to the latest technology breakthroughs and benefit from new product announcements that are helping to shape the future of the Industry. 

Still have questions about participating in the Summit?

Contact Brigette Gleason at bgleason@endeavorb2b.com or +1 678-258-9431.