What is the Smart Water Summit? 

The Smart Water Summit offers an opportunity for Water Utilities from Municipalities and Rural Cooperatives across North America to connect with the industry's leading and most promising Vendors. The Summit also provides Utility Professionals an opportunity to network with their peers and share opinions, strategies and solutions for success.

Expect to participate in boardroom presentations, product/service showcases, and several networking receptions aimed at: 

  • Updating your industry knowledge with the latest advancements in the smart water sector
  • Developing relationships amongst professionals in the field
  • Fostering communication amongst utility peers and vendors
  • Comparing products and services to optimize purchasing choice

Proactive Water Technologies 

The 2023 Smart Water Summit theme is 'Proactive Water Technologies'. We believe that the industry has outgrown reactive measures and necessitates proactivity in three principal challenge-areas: 


Learn about technological industry trends designed to modernize and shape the water sector in the years to come. 

Extreme Weather

Stay current on the extreme weather events that are causing shifts in industry practices nation-wide. 


Update your knowledge of the relationship between the water sector and the political powers at be. 

Presentations and Keynotes at the Summits vary as technologies/ regulations advance over time, but the technologies and products discussed the most are as listed below:

  • AMI

  • AMR

  • Billing/CIS

  • Network Mapping

  • Management Systems

  • Smart Cities

  • Directional Flushing

  • Work Management Systems

  • Networking

  • GIS

  • Enterprise Asset Management Systems

  • App/Mobile Customer Payment Systems

  • Leak Detection

  • Stormwater Management

  • Asset Inspections & Maintenance

  • Fiber Optic

  • Distributions Systems Rehabilitation

  • Backflow Alarms/Notifications

  • Aeration

  • Underground Construction Technologies

  • Pipe Blockage Tools & Equipment

  • Content Management Systems

  • Remote Shutoff Meters

  • Reclaimed Water technology

  • Safety

  • Pressure Zone Metering

  • Radios

  • Sensors

  • Blockchain

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cyber/Physical Security

  • Drones

Get Involved 

To learn more about attending the event, follow the links below to access both utility attendee and vendor participant FAQs.