Utility survey reports 

     SWS 2019 Report:

        Presented By: Dave Shpigler, CMG Consulting 

     SWS 2018 Report:

        Presented By: Erin Hardick, Research Analyst 

Utility Survey Reports

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 Zpryme’s formula is simple, be at the right place with the right message. The longevity of their client connections are built on confidence and the lasting power of what they accomplish together. 

If you’re in search of a memorable marketing campaign with real-time ROI then welcome to Zpryme. Publishers that recognize our body of work and come back for more.

Research is the foundation on which we provide all our services. At Zpryme, we don’t produce tables and charts; we deliver opportunity-focused, actionable insight that is both engaging and accessible. Our business insight solutions incorporate a wide variety of research tools, including in-depth interviews, surveys and in-house database research with high-value analyses, as well as an aresenal of ad hoc solutions.