faq's from participating summit Partners

There really is no comparison. The most important difference is who you are able to connect with. At any of our Summits, quality takes precedence over quantity. We target, pre-qualify, and deliver only C-Level or equivalent Decision Makers of the Utilities invited to our Summits - the Public Power Utility Executives of Electric & Water Utilities from Municipalities and Rural Cooperatives who shape the buying trends of today and tomorrow.

Also, unlike the typical expo-type trade shows, the Summits deliver a highly structured, intimate environment conducive to conducting business with prime prospects. You are provided with the format and tools needed to identify, meet with and present your products and services to Executives in a variety of settings:  one-on-one meetings, group Boardroom Presentations, educational settings and an endless variety of networking and social activities. You will also profit from face time with customers, Industry authorities from government, leading publications and professional associations. Thus, your connections with prospects will prove more productive, and your exchanges with peers more enlightening, equaling personal satisfaction for time well spent.

The mission of a Summit is to foster focused and productive interaction between enabling Vendors and Key Industry Executives. Our number one priority is to provide YOU the means to achieve productive connections with our VIP Utility Attendees Executives.

The Boardroom Vendor Presentations enable Vendors to meet with and discuss their product(s), service(s) and solutions to select groups of Utility Executives. Highly interactive and carefully focused, these meetings enable Vendors to connect with top Executive prospects about their products and services, while exchanging valuable insights and strategies. Our Boardroom scheduling and allocation processes assure an optimal match of Vendors and Utility Executives based on needs and business objectives.

The Summit Solution Showcase enables Vendors and Utility Executives the perfect means to follow-up on Boardroom Presentations. Additionally, Executive Premier Presentations and a dynamic series of networking events, are designed to reinforce and solidify interaction between all Summit participants. Our commitment to Vendor satisfaction and success is ensured by an unparalleled level of customized service and personal attention. We make every effort to accommodate your particular needs and special requests.

The benefit, as you are sure to discover, will be reflected in your bottom line. These Public Power, Electric Cooperative & Water Utilities are vitally important to Vendor success and represent millions of customers/members across North America. They have traditionally been difficult to reach given their dispersed geography and wide range of operation size. Increasingly, however, the buying trends are being set by these key and influential Utilities. This set of distinct customer connections and capabilities is finally being addressed and leveraged at the Summits. The result is a confluence of the highest quality participants finally connecting in one place, at one time, for one reason --- to explore and develop Smarter Technology Solutions.

At a Summit, you as a Vendor are able to make scores of successful face-to-face sales calls during an intense, highly concentrated three-day period. Sales calls far more substantive and much more targeted than those found at typical events. The Summits represent an incredible consolidation of marketing expenditures, sales calls, travel time and expense vouchers.

That is one of the most exciting aspects of a Summit. Every activity - Boardroom Vendor Presentations, Summit Solutions Showcase, Executive Premier Presentations, networking opportunities, and more - levels the playing field by providing each Vendor, regardless of size, with access to the same audience. The smallest start-up company has the same opportunity, as the Industry giants, to see and sell to the same attending Utility Executives.

Your opportunities are virtually endless - before, during and after the Summit. If you opt to sponsor an Executive Premier Breakfast Presentation, you are able to deliver your message to every attending Executive at one time. At your Summit Solution Showcase booth, you can introduce and discuss your products and solutions at length, face-to-face. And as a participating Summit Vendor, your company is eligible to work with the Summit Marketing Staff on customized opportunities for reaching and engaging the attending Utility Audience enhancing your company's opportunity for success. Of course, as a Sponsor, you will benefit from inclusion in all marketing materials, website content, signage and Summit directory materials.

Companies of all sizes and types have recognized the potential advantages of the Summit(s) as the premier business development event for the Utility Industry. The unique opportunity the Summits provide to establish customer relationships, recruit partners, educate/ train, and gain valuable feedback is incomparable. As participating Vendors have realized, a boardroom based event spells success for small and medium companies, as well as the top Industry leaders.