Utility Testimonials 

See What Our Utilities Are Saying About The Summits: 

          City of Akron, Ohio 

—Jerome McCall - Technology & Innovation Manager 

“I heard about several product offerings that we may be able to use and I did not know about.”

— Mark Brown, Fayetteville Public Works Commission

“It was extremely beneficial to see the various presentations and the diversity of utilities they have helped.”

— Scott Young, Glasgow Water Company

“Getting a number of good presentations from relevant vendors all at one time is great. Definitely was worth the time spent.”

— Rick Solle, Plainfield Township Water

“Very Good, Sufficient Presentations that optimize your time. ”

— Jim Chiasson, City of Rio Rancho

“Being able to communicate with the Vendors in the Boardrooms was a valuable experience.”

— Ryan Jaeger, Municipal Services Commission

“Presentations were very informative and done well”

— Robert King, RBK Utility Solutions Ltd.

“I appreciated the small settings with the vendors, it was very informative”

— Ryan Joswick, Artesian Water Co.

“A great opportunity to experience the latest technology that vendors are promoting.”

— Greg Flory, Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority

“At SWS, there is always some new technology being introduced that is transforming the water meter world.”

— Anthony Daniel, City of Wichita, KS

“I truly enjoyed the format of this conference. It was all scheduled and laid out in a way that it didn’t waste my time.”

— Doa Meade, Las Vegas Valley Water District

“I was introduced to a few new vendors and some new products from vendors that I have engaged with in the past”

 — Jake Walsh, San Jose Water

“I found a possible product solution to tie to an existing project. I would not have known about the vendor specifically unless I had attended the summit.”

— Scott Meagher, City of Port St. Lucie

“I was not sure what to expect since I had not attended a summit in the past. As a result it provided me with the opportunity to interact with other Utilities as well as vendors in the structured atmosphere. I’m glad I was able to attend.”


— David Botts, City of Janesville

“I learned about several products and services that will benefit my utility in the future. This opportunity allows me to preview new products and services in an efficient manner that saves me time while introducing me to the people who can answer questions. Thank you for putting this on in a year when nothing is easy!”

— Mary Calcagno, City of Moberly

“Awesome Summits always look forward to seeing the new technology in the water world. Looking at purchasing some leak detection equipment, this summit put me in front of several vendors at one place to show me some of the best leak detection equipment in the business”

— Cole Fesmire, City Of Olive Branch Mississippi Public Works

“I was introduced to some amazing new technology that I think will be applicable to the City of Sanger. Staff was great and the event seemed to run perfectly. Great venue and great food as well.”

— John Mulligan, City of Sanger

“Information packed experience that I would recommend to any Utility. The best conference I have experienced in 23 years in the industry.”


— Franco Lucarelli, Director of Utilities, City of Warren, Ohio Water Dept

“I appreciated the opportunity to see and hear presentations from vendors that will help my utility transition from a “lagging edge” to a “leading edge” utility.”

— Clint Jensen, Granger-Hunter Improvement District

“This conference has the best format for providing utilities with a vast amount of options and technologies in a short period of time.”

— Jerry McInarnay, Meter Specialist Foreman, Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

“Everyone was very friendly, vendors organizers and attendees. It was very informative and educational.”

— Robert Winniett, Customer Service Manager, Pasco County Utilities

“The 25 min. limit on presentations was great, it gave you the opportunity to speak with the vendors that really interested you at the show.”

— Danny Doyle, Chief Inspector/Meter and System Control Supervisor, Clinton Township Water & Sewer

“This was my second time attending. I very much enjoyed the entire conference. The boardrooms did not disappoint, and the after-meal presentations were very informative. The evening social events were very nice and gave us a chance to network. All around an excellent experience.”

— Nicole Bates, Customer Services Manager, Mount Pleasant Waterworks

“SWS19 provided an exclusive experience to talk with other Municipal utilities throughout the US that are in various stages of an AMI implementation. The product information provided by the vendors in the Boardrooms and at the vendor showcase proved to be a tremendous amount of great information”

— Eric Brennan, City of Brentwood

“The amount of new technology presented, and expertise of the vendors provided hands down the best conference I have ever attended. Very well organized and executed.”



— Chris Sharek, President, Southwest Florida Utilities

“I have attended this summit in years past and this one far exceeded any of the others by a long shot. The vendors presented exciting and new information while the keynote speakers were spot on in sharing the direction of the industry. Casino night was as fun as ever while the showcase was engaging as well. Just fantastic. Would liked to have seen more attendance from the western half of the US since it was in AZ this year."

— Chris Sharek, Southwest Florida Utilities

“SWS18 was an amazing one-stop learning experience. In a few short days, I had the opportunity to meet water utility vendors, learn about smart technology, and network with fellow industry colleagues. An efficient use of time to keep up on the latest information that will benefit my utility greatly!”



— Sharon Whaley, Water Resources Specialist, San Jose Water Company

“This summit was very well run. I liked the in and out time of the various vendors; I kept my attention; not once did it seem like time was dragging. I also like the fact the you had different vendors for the same product. It provided a nice comparison. looking forward to next year!”



— Marty Jurish, Water Distribution and Metering Manager, City of Bay City

“The most valuable benefits of the conference were access to all the manufacturers in one location; and exposure to equipment that I would not normally explore had I not seen the demonstration by the vendor. For example, Mission SCADA has a monitoring device that can send power outage alerts (among many other useful alerts) when a lift station loses power. This is a very useful application that will help prevent sanitary sewer overflows at a lift stations during long power outages.”

— Maritza Rivera-Clapp, Director, Customer Field and Meter Services, Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

“Being a 1st time attendee, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The SWS gave me the opportunity to discover resources and brands that I never knew existed, because they aren’t “who we always use”. The boardroom presentation atmosphere worked for me as I didn’t feel pressured or cornered by a salesperson. There were several opportunities to network and meet industry peers from all over the USA and Canada. If invited back, I will definitely attend.”


— Bill Kasper, Customer Service Manager, North Penn Water Authority

“This was an awesome summit as always, I have been multiple times and always see new products. The world we live in today technology changes by the weeks, not years. This summit does a really good job bringing in all the new technologies to present to you. It may not be that you’re ready to implement anything new at the moment but one day you will be, and thanks to the summit you are more educated on the newer technologies. I also enjoy the networking, talking to people around the USA about their challenges with their utility even in different regions you can relate and learn from one another mistakes.”

— Cole Fesmire, Public Works Director, City of Olive Branch Mississippi

“I was very impressed by the high energy atmosphere of the boardroom presentations, and the way the agenda was laid out to build on each presentation.”


— Rusty Reeves, Deputy Director, Louisiana Rural Water Association

“Smart Water Summit is one of the best shows I attend! The format provides a great educational experience, fosters communication among Utility peers and vendors, and is an excellent use of my valuable time away from the office.”

— Heather Pohl, Manager, Technology Implementations & Business Process Improvement, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

“The summit was exceptional and very informative about innovative technology. The presentations were great! I would highly recommend this for anyone in the utility fields."


— Steven Duchesne, Superintendent of Operations and Safety, Lowell Regional Water Utility

“It was nice to see a shorter presentation where the vendors really had to be on their “A” game. I found out I got a lot more out of the shorter presentations than I have with the same vendors at other conferences. Plus, most of the vendors were relevant to what our utility is looking for or working with currently.”


— Josh Wedding, Water Utilities Manager, Redmond Water Utility

“The Summit provided the opportunity for in-depth discussions with a broad spectrum of technology experts, consultants, and fellow utility managers. These discussions provided an efficient and effective learning experience within a very well managed schedule and great venue."


— Chuck Faulkner, Madison County Water

“Great conference that allows me to take the time and focus on our direction for the next few years and develop a plan for how we will collect and utilize data to manage the performance of our systems. This allows us to leverage technology as a means of continuous process improvement and enhancement and determine where our utility can and should be in the next planning horizon.”

— Deirdre Blackard, Rockdale Water Resources 

“The Smart Water Summit provided access to impressive smart water vendors from AMI, CIS, GIS, and understanding how to use all the data.”

— Brian Schade, WaterOne

“Well organized conference. Informative and great to meet with others going through similar processes”


— Michelle Hackett, Mount Pleasant Waterworks

“Very fast boardroom setting making the presenters get right to the point and if it is interesting to you; you can seek them out at the expo or during the networking or dinner events."

— Jeff Rudd, City of Rochester Hills

“This is the most organized group making the best use of my time and helping me connect with companies that help me make positive changes to our water system."

— Lee Pope, Fayette County Water System

“I enjoy this event. It is an efficient way to get exposed to what is happening in the water meter industry. 20 presentations in 2 days and opportunity to talk with other Utilities.”

— Benjamin Groeneweg, City of Fort Wayne

“Well organized conference. Informative and great to meet with others going through similar processes."

— Michelle Hackett, Mount Pleasant Waterworks 

“What I love about the summits is the ability to spend face to face time with many different vendors and then speak about those solutions with my utility peers."

— Angie Thoma, Colorado Springs Utilities

“I appreciated the opportunity to learn about new technologies available to the market, and also new vendors in the market. Also, the networking was exceptional."

— Robert Day, San Jose Water Company

“This summit presented the latest technologies to the decision makers for utilities across the nation. Fantastic information obtained to share with staff.”

— Chris Sharek, Southwest Florida Utilities

“This is an excellent opportunity to see and learn what multiple vendors offer in a single event. The design allows for direct interaction and questions related to my utility that is not possible in other venues." 

— Raymond Hoppenworth, City of Lakeland – Water Utilities

“Value added to our business is a condensed, focused learning session regarding new meter technology and other smart tools to enable us to complete our mission more efficiently."


— Nathan Madenwald, Norman Utilities Authority

“The Summit is the most effective and efficient show/conference/workshop I have ever been to in over two decades. The interactions between suppliers and utility participants were excellent." 


— Jack Wang, Louisville Water Co.

“This is a very unique conference experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. The unique format made for fast paced informative days. Walking into an expo at a national conference can be overwhelming and time consuming. The presentation and showcase model for the Summit was the exact opposite- time well spent and a great opportunity for meeting with vendors you want to build a relationship with.”

— Nicole Bates, Mount Pleasant Waterworks

“The SWS provides a unique opportunity to meet with many vendors and utilities in a short time period. I learned about vendors and technologies I would never run across in my day to day job but yet provide services that could be very useful to me. It also allows me to network with my peers from around the country and make lasting relationships that will be very beneficial to my company.”

— David Wallenstein, EBMUD

“I was initially skeptical about the benefits of attending an event that was “all expense paid”, but after taking the chance and attending, I would recommend this Summit to anyone considering Smart Water technologies at their utility. The time spent with vendors was productive not tedious. The contacts made with other utility executives will provide benefits for years to come. And the general atmosphere was one of collaboration and celebration of the water industry. The information I learned at the 2016 SWS will lead Capital Region Water to improvements to operations, compliance and customer service - helping us to meet our mission of dedication to customer satisfaction and stewardship of our community’s water systems from raindrop to river.”

— Shannon Williams, Capital Region Water